My friend Alice, who is an inspiration to me in many areas of life, paints a vivid picture with words as she shares about blueberries.


It’s July, the month of blueberries!

When I was a girl in New Jersey, we picked them in the wild. Now my dear friend Karen shares her verdant blueberry patch with us. Ah, blueberries are so good fresh-picked that I can hardly bear thinking of making syrup, jam, or even pie (you all know how I love pie).

Immediately after picking them (without even washing… as these have not been sprayed and we pick very clean), I spread them on baking sheets to quick freeze them individually. Then I pour them into zip-locking baggies, so on a future day I can easily take exactly what I want–a couple to pop into my mouth or a couple cups to bake a pie.

We eat them while they still have icy crystals in them–drizzling them with heavy whipping cream that freezes over them like a white blanket, adding them to a bowl of cereal, or eating plain from a bowl as a Sunday side dish. And of course, we all love them in a pie–with a touch of sugar and cinnamon.

All through our cold, rainy northwest winter, at a moment’s notice, I can pop a few berries into my mouth and as I relish the taste of blueberry, it takes me back to the summer morning when I picked them–a morning filled with bird songs, lingering night coolness, golden rays cast by the sun as it creeps over the horizon, and the knowledge that my heavenly Father provides in abundance.