After one year of careful food preparation, my daughter Anna is walking in a level of healing we could barely imagine when we started down the road of modified eating due to food sensitivities. In addition to being more healthy than she has been for quite some time, the list of restricted items has shrunk considerably. To her great delight, the foods that are off limits has shifted and she has more variety in her eating. As a result, the need for extreme vigilance has abated and she is once again able to enjoy some of her favorites, such as chicken and cake. And finally, she is able to “eat out” after a one year hiatus from restaurants. For a girl that so thoroughly enjoys food, things are looking up!

I continue to gather a significant amount of knowledge as well as ideas on how to adjust favorite recipes, with the help of others who are modifying their eating in response to ALCAT results. Realizing there are varying needs for each person on a restricted diet, my goal is to provide helpful information for those who are making specific changes, and give recipe ideas that can easily be adjusted based upon individual sensitivities. Meals in my home have become more typical of average families, while keeping the ingredient list simple, clean, and uncomplicated.

A life of food preparation that accommodates food sensitivities for the purpose of regaining health need not be overwhelming and intimidating. It is merely a journey of re-education that begins with a single small step that slowly but surely builds into a confident stride of discovery and change. As a family, we are continuing to get closer to our individual goals for healthy living.

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee as I share some of the memories I have acquired over this past half century along with our story of changed eating. Hopefully, you will be inspired to create recipes your family can enjoy together as you laugh your way through the mishaps, that inevitably show up in everyday situations.