Oh my gosh. My brain is feeling the strain of growing pains, my neck is tighter than it has been for quite some while, but alas, such is the price of stepping… stumbling… and sometimes crawling, into the 21st century. Since embarking on the journey of getting this blog up and running, I have been introduced to “WordPress” for the first time, got set up on Skype so I could confer with my oldest son as I make my way through this maze, seen visions in my dreams of labels on the WordPress page, and I have yet just begun.

I have written more in the past week than I have since completing college, and those were mostly art classes. Who knew there was so much I could write? I am still learning how to edit, crop, and post pictures without losing them to some unknown land where they seem to be irretrievable. I hesitate to bother my husband one more time, as I hesitatingly say, “Well, there’s good news, and there’s bad news.” He is patient, but I know it is a conundrum for him as to how I manage to… Well, it goes like this. “How did you do that?” I reply, “I don’t know. I know I did something, but I can’t tell you what.” So, back to the good news. I managed to post a picture with a story, but the one for which he worked so long and hard, was now gone. So, on I go.

I am confident it will all come together soon. Then I can devote more attention to recipes, and the joys of family, rather than “Oh, no. Where did it go now?”