Herond Ware Cup & Spoon

Chainsaws & Parachutes has taken numerous twists and turns since I began my journey of documenting recipes to accommodate my daughter, Anna’s, food sensitivities. Yet, throughout my quest there remains a constant: in one form or another, it reflects my somewhat unique take on interacting with “the world”–such as my creative interpretation of being systematic and efficient.

On a recent Costco trip, I purchased a case of canned green beans… brought them home… organized them carefully for storage… retrieved two of the cans for dinner, and as I opened them up… I could only stare with mouth-dropping-bewilderment at what was before me! Green peas, not green beans! They had been green peas all along! This of course, created enormous befuddlement for my family, and once again, I reminded them, “Welcome to my world!” Whenever I say this it’s meant to be a comfort, but to them it seems to only cause more concern.

I continually remind my husband and youngest son, “I am good training for you when you  work with others. After all, not everyone sees things the same way you do.” I am not as clueless as it might seem–I actually got an “A” in my college logic class, with the report card to prove it–and after nearly sixty years on this earth I have come to the conclusion, part of my “purpose in life” is to help provide entertainment for my family.

Posting recipes is an easy method by which to archive some of our family favorites along with those adjusted for Anna’s dietary restrictions, but primarily my blog is a vehicle to record family stories… So grab a cup of coffee (there are coffee vendors around every corner in the northwest) and share in some of our everyday happenings. When we come together there is always a hearty measure of laughter and entertainment while recounting my latest mishaps and my hope is you will get an occasional chuckle as well.

“Welcome to my world!”–Apron Girl