Anna in Striped ShirtTwenty-five years ago a cherubic bundle of love made her entrance into my life. Waiting for my sweet daughter, Anna, seemed to take an eternity–but in reality it was only eight years, during which time my heart’s desire for another baby was made known repeatedly to the One who hears and answers prayers…

In a secret place of quiet weeping before God, tears fell from an aching heart. Slowly, over the years I was able to hear God whisper, beckoning me by His love to embrace a grateful heart for my three wonderful children rather than being sad about an unfilled desire–and a calm peace soon followed.

Much to my surprise, I discovered I was pregnant and following a long and challenging labor Anna finally arrived! Settling back in at home, I would often gaze upon her sweet face as I reflected, “Where did you come from?” for I was in awe at what God had done. All my children are treasures in my life, but Anna’s birthday evokes particularly sweet memories as I recall the faithfulness of God and how He answered a prayer hidden deep within me.

Happy Birthday my sweet “Anna B”. Life’s journey includes both joy and sorrow and before you were even born, my darling daughter, God poured heavenly sunshine, joy, and laughter into your very being that brightens the world for those around you.

How dear and precious you are to the God who made you! I love you. ♥♥♥