Mr. Bob in the Kitchen adj.

Unfortunately for Bob, Anna’s last hiking adventure did not include his effervescent and energetic self. His foot had been bothering him, and as Will–Anna’s husband–wisely put it, “If Bob were a person, we would tell him it’s best he stay home this time.” So off Anna and Will went on their overnight outing without her beloved Bob.

All of which led to the question: Does Bob like hiking? For you see, when he embarks on a hiking expedition with Anna and Will, before heading down the wooded trail he gets “suited up” with a pint-sized back pack that not only allows him to carry his own food, but has the added bonus of having a very useful handle perched on top. Logs across the path… no problem, simply scoop him up by the handle and carry him over the obstacle. Streams too deep… no problem, a quick lift over the water and he’s back down and ready to go. Big dogs charging at him for unknown reasons… no problem, for at a moment’s notice he can quickly and easily be raised to safety as he dangles mid-air securely out of harms way… Which gets back to the original question: Does Bob like hiking? The response Anna and Will provided still makes me snicker; for you see, Bob is always happy and it can be hard to tell what he does or does not like. But with the answer, came the first of many views of life… according to Bob.

Momentarily pausing, Will matter-of-factly declared, “Bob is always happy, and thinks the best of everyone–in his case other dogs–until they try to bite him, and then he reconsiders.” This made us chuckle as we contemplated our own attitudes toward people. We certainly could benefit from adopting his simple view of the world.

“Be happy and always expect the best of people… unless they try to ‘bite you.’ “