Like soldiers standing at attention, lined up shoulder-to-shoulder, my new crayons greeted me…


Crayons & Jane

With an optimistic outlook for a new year, I gently cradled the smooth box in my hand with its conspicuous absence of dents, dings, and torn corners. Pulling back the lid, I gazed inside where perfectly formed cone shaped tips with flat tops awaited their creative destiny. The labels surrounding each crayon were securely attached and the descriptive color names clearly visible. Not a one was broken.

The familiar and reassuring scent of waxy crayons tickled my nose, and I smiled at things to come. With my pristine box of brightly colored crayons, hope stirred in me that the new school year would go well. I would have fun with my friends, not get in trouble with the nuns, and my crayons would not break prematurely yielding to the telltale signs of being well-worn.

For a moment, everything was as it should be…





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