Kally On Railing

Kally: Anna’s sweet feline companion she raised from a mere kitten, weeks old and barely weaned from her mama.


She most often is off by herself, enjoying the serene and non-threatening quiet of the barn, but she always comes running when Anna calls her name, which is why I was a bit concerned she might get depressed when Anna left home.

To my surprise, she has become my early morning guest. She waits for evidence of movement in the kitchen, then proceeds to make her way up two flights of stairs to the deck where she perches precariously on the railing outside my kitchen window. If I am too slow to notice her, she jumps to the table directly opposite my sink and begins to rub her face back and forth on the glass, demanding attention in the form of cream set before her.

Upon noticing her “meow” outside my window, I retrieve a small shallow dish and fill it part way with the sweet cream. As I place it before her, I rub her head and ears while warm soft fur slips between my fingers and with a quick “good bye”, I return inside and continue on with my day. My now-grown children and their love of animals has left me with numerous companions that now need attention, and part of my newly acquired responsibilities is to make certain my refrigerator is always stocked with cream–just for Kally.

I smile at the four legged friends that come to my door and window on a regular basis these days. As Kally sits still and motionless staring directly at me, she makes her request known… and in the quiet of dawn, we engage in early morning conversations.