Scooter 2013Scooter, our loyal canine companion of over thirteen years, came to the end of his life this past week. Barely weaned from his mamma, he first arrived at our house nestled in an open cardboard box. His small, soft, warm body was scooped into our arms, and from those very first moments he became a faithful friend for Anna and John as they embarked on a childhood full of wonderful adventures.

Anna was an irrepressible ten-year-old who practiced her soccer skills at every available opportunity; her younger brother John, always by her side. As a tiny pup, Scooter, sensed he was rescued into a loving home, and immediately started romping and tumbling after them, as he shadowed the two playmates all around the yard. Following Anna wherever she went, Scooter became a constant companion–using his muzzle to steal the ball away from her whenever possible and “dribble” it over the grass and driveway.

His favorite pastime quickly became playing soccer with Anna and John as they passed it back and forth between the three of them, each taking a turn. To see him play soccer, whether nudging it around the yard by himself, or with my two youngest, always brought a smile to my face, as I drank in the precious memories unfolding before me. Although on in years, he continued to play ball up until his last day. Whenever someone stepped outside, Scooter was soon nearby–with a stick or a ball in his mouth, and his tail wagging merrily, he was always prepared for a spontaneous¬† frolic.

Scooter may be gone, but the memories of the loyal attention he showed “his family” along with his great love of soccer will always remain. Anna and John were blessed beyond measure to have such a great friend in a dog, throughout their growing up years… He was amazing!