Grandma CupToday was special in that I was able to see and visit with each of my five children throughout the day…

♥ I chatted and shared some early morning moments with my oldest daughter, Elizabeth, before she departed for her new job.

♥ John, my youngest, is a familiar and ever-friendly presence around the house while he goes to school and lives at home.

♥ Michael, Elizabeth’s twin brother, “popped in” for a few minutes to collect the ongoing pile of packages delivered to our house. It’s a nice opportunity to greet his happy face when he comes by to gather up his parcels.

♥ Tommy, my oldest, came by to help get his sister’s computer properly set up, while taking time to have his hair cut from “yours truly.” Haircuts for my family started years ago and continue to this day.

♥ Anna, the proud owner of “Bob” stopped by after she finished teaching for the day to retrieve her beloved pet from “Doggy-Day-Care” provided by… you guessed it.

Their schedules revolve around travel for work, jobs, school, and more importantly family commitments, which means they seldom all come by on the same day, but when they do… it is a joy filled time of laughter with five friendly visitors who have a delightful way of teasing their mom. I am blessed ♥♥