Winter to Spring HydrangeaFamily health challenges over this past year distracted me from my personal commitment to recount everyday life stories along with favorite family recipes, but with a new year my vision is refreshed… if not renewed.

Moments slip into the close of a day… which in turn quietly ushers in a new dawn regardless of the month or year… but as winter’s grip of short dark days is beginning to lessen I am awakening to stirrings within to once again embrace the familiar habit of faithfully capturing humorous stories of family along with a collection of recipes that will once and for all answer the question “Where is the recipe for that?”

The brown hydrangeas from late summer have long since faded, but beneath the worn and tired exterior new life springs forth and speaks of a bright future full of life and hope for what is to come… and once again I embark on my journey of “putting to paper” stories that delight in everyday life.


Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm–Winston Churchill