After enduring multiple unsuccessful trips to various shopping malls in the Portland area, I happened upon a most delightful find in my very own “back yard.” My heart surged with hope upon spotting a pair of seemingly abandoned dress pants in the laundry room that were concealed behind a suit cocooned in plastic.

I slowly peeled back a corner of the jacket…  peeked behind… and to my great surprise, right before my eyes were a pair of slacks that had been forgotten for over a year in the land of “To Do.” They had patiently been waiting for my attention after the hem had fallen out long ago. I had carefully hung them up to await repair and over time they became invisible to me. Most amazing of all, they seemed to be exactly what I had been looking for all along. Who knew they were right under my nose? The color was perfect, the fabric was appropriately dressy, and the style was suitable for my mother of the bride outfit.

Upon Anna’s approval of the pants, I visited my closet to see what other unexpected treasures were hanging around. Sliding clothes hangers one-by-one along the wooden rod I spotted a sleeveless silk shirt that matched exactly the color of my recently rediscovered slacks. With a new soft peach crepe blouse I had brought home “just in case”, I was on my way to a winning combination.

With an acceptable outfit for the wedding, all that remained was choosing the right accessories. Over the years, I have collected several pearl necklaces from loved ones long since passed. Not knowing where they all were, Anna and I commenced with our rummaging as we dug through drawers and boxes coaxing the milky white orbs from their various hiding places. Upon collecting them in one location, Anna scooped them up, and with purpose in her stride approached me with open hands heaped with strands of the creamy white treasures as a few managed to escape and dangled between her fingers. Coming close to me she placed them over my head and wound them around my neck adjusting as necessary… not too tight… not too loose. They worked! Not one, not two, but three strands looked just right!  With a pair of earrings to complement the necklaces I was officially given the “Anna approval.”

As a child I was never particularly good at hide and seek. I was easily found when I hid, and when my turn to be “it” came round I had a difficult time discovering where others had concealed themselves. I am pleased and relieved I spotted the pants that were well hidden in my laundry room… and I didn’t even have to shout out, “Ollie ollie oxen free!” What a victory! The pants are cleaned, hemmed, and one more “to-do” is crossed off my list.