Throughout the adjustments of life with Bob, the sleep deprivation, the cabin fever, the piles that never completely go away but rather continually reappear in the kitchen, I have a family that blesses me beyond measure. Although Anna’s life is seemingly on hold, while Bob is learning to be a sociable and polite companion, she has not wanted to forgo the tradition of watching episodes of anime with her siblings. The challenge was coordinating their schedules with Bob’s naps.

On this particular Saturday afternoon with a breezy 80 degrees in the shade, a solution was found; take the computer outside. With access to a wireless connection the rest was easy. After careful consideration as to the perfect location that would allow for visibility of the computer screen, and Bob securely anchored to a metal tin filled with concrete, they could commence with their movie time.

As I stepped out my front door I was greeted by the sight of my three youngest immersed in their love of one another while still tending to Bob. While the world too often focuses on dysfunction, I can attest to the love between siblings. A love that is not rude, is not self-seeking, is not easily angered, and keeps no record of wrongs. This love is not simply something of fairy tales. It exists in families everywhere and it is very real.