As I stand at my kitchen sink looking out the large window before me, I take in a vista of metal barns, a slightly aging chicken coop that was moved “Egyptian style” on a cold rainy day across the soggy ground from the barn to its current location, and of course a playground elevated off the ground as our tractor moves it to its new home.

We are the second family to enjoy the wooden structure, and as a result it is showing some wear and tear and it was time to relocate the piece to a more suitable place for the grandchildren. A tower with a rope ladder up the side is now nestled under some wonderful cottonwood trees.

Occasionally I get a glimpse of how we tackle projects in a unique way. Things seem normal most of the time as they do for families, but then a flood of memories come as I look at a moving playground and recall other events. In order to be able to work out of the rain, the chicken coop was assembled in the barn which was a great idea but left us with a dilemma: How do you get a bulky four-hundred pound building moved 200 feet across a soggy lawn? The solution was obvious… you have two groups of people. One pushes and the other stays busy moving large metal pipe from the back to the front so that it can advance over the round pipe, just like the Egyptians moving stone for the pyramids… and in typical fashion it was cold, wet, and raining. And another family project was completed.

The playground making its way across the yard was uncomplicated by comparison. It went off without a hitch and has a new home hidden in the trees. Unlike its previous location I can now view it from my kitchen window and ponder all the playful escapades it will host.