Emma & Grammy with border

The garden of life is full of pink peonies and a beloved Grammy ♥♥ Apron Girl


I fondly recall Miss Emma’s mommy when she was a mere tot… Jessie was the best of friends with her cousin Tommy, my oldest, and they were blessed with a childhood that was securely anchored in love. Seeing Miss Emma’s profile in this photo was a bit of a surprise since she resembles her daddy when you look at her straight on, but the image  before me stirred up a flood of memories from nearly forty years ago as I recall a little girl who looked much the same.

Elizabeth and I were in Bellevue for a conference and enjoyed the gracious hospitality of my brother and his wife while we remained in the area. They gave us beds to sleep in, delicious food to eat, but most of all they showered us with the gift of family. Waiting for other members to arrive for dinner, Theresa, my “sister-in-love,” occupied herself with weed patrol and I relaxed on the warm grass drinking in the refreshing breeze… delighting in the site of Miss Emma following her Grammy around the yard. The pleasant spring evening revealed a quietness whereby friends easily enjoy each others company and for Theresa and Miss Emma it was just that. While Theresa pulled weeds Emma stayed nearby as if to verify her Grammy was doing everything just right, the stillness only slightly interrupted by the melodic sounds that would occasionally bubble forth as Emma expressed her thoughts to the world. Finished with one section, Theresa moved on to clear more beds of the uninvited squatters and Miss Emma followed closely, caught up in the joy of being out-of-doors; a “pucky” securely gripped in her chubby little hand.

The rhythm of love and life were present in the garden that warm evening… love passed down throughout the generations was now being poured into another life. The simple pleasure of enjoying a grandchild’s company while accomplishing a seemingly ordinary task modeled love of God’s creation, joy of honest work, and it celebrated Miss Emma as the greatest treasure of all!

Little was spoken but much was said…