You may wonder what Wednesdays and gifts have in common, to which I respond “Everything!” The concept of a Wednesday gift is a familiar expression in my family and was purchased at a dear price by my husband along with significant help from my brother. The voluminous experience that inevitably comes with over sixty years of marriage between us has birthed a new family tradition.

My husband as well as my brother have endeavored to shower their respective wives with presents only to discover that what “seemed like a good idea at the time” can sometimes have unintended consequences. The air becomes suddenly still, or not…  affection somewhat aloof… and on really special occasions the neighbors can witness a spirited discussion of ideas. All this to say some gifts should be reserved for a mid-week surprise not associated with a particular holiday. Every girl enjoys a new lawn mower… deep fat fryer… or even an antique Friden calculator if it’s Wednesday and a “just because” present. In our family a lawn mower on Mother’s Day, a deep fat fryer on a birthday, and a memorable antique calculator for a wedding present have been instrumental in laying the foundation for more effective gifts.

Our children are very cognizant of this new tradition and have gleaned vast wisdom in the proper timing of presents they give their own spouses. Gift-giving of appliances (perceived as simply more work) are assigned to Wednesdays while jewelry, flowers, and other such delights are for traditional celebrations. In our house a new holiday has emerged which we affectionately refer to as “Wednesday Gifts” and with its implementation peace has become a more frequent guest.