Bob at 8 weeks

Bob–reads the same backward and forward. It is a palindrome. Most people know someone named Bob. It’s a strong name, but apparently not typically associated with a five pound pint-sized ball of white fluff. Whenever people hear his name they smile, giggle, and sometimes an audible chuckle slips past their lips. Our Bob is an eight week old Westie.

Ever since watching The Dumb Witness, an episode of Poirot by Agatha Christie, Anna has been determined to get a “Bob” of her very own. Her dream dog has been a Westie. She pinned pictures of “Bob” on her bedroom wall, collected “Bob” stuffed animals, noticed every advertisement with a picture of “Bob,” and began saving her money. She finally brought him home less than a week ago. He is smart like the original Bob, and well on his way to being just as engaging.

Having five children I felt I had paid my dues in potty training, and late night as well as early morning interventions addressing personal needs, but life does not always go as planned or expected. Bob has quickly learned¬† his crate is a happy place, but I did not anticipate his favorite location would be on the laundry room counter directly adjacent to my bedroom. Anna is attentive to his every need, however, he is still next to my bedroom… So early in the morning when I think I should still be sleeping, he gently whimpers and whines from within his crate signalling it is time to go outside once again. Off I trudge barely yet awake, before he has yet another “accident.” I think it is time to resurrect my old baby monitor for Anna to use in her bedroom.

With pets as well as other life changes, there is no way to completely prepare for the disruption that comes to your everyday routine. The sleepless nights and days of fatigue¬† eventually give way to a companion that is faithful and loyal in good times and in bad. As Anna patiently and persistently teaches and corrects Bob, I know the end of the journey will bring her the reward of a delightful four-legged friend. Throughout it all–training, correcting, “oops” clean ups, potty breaks, early wake up calls, etc.–I still can’t help wonder why he likes the laundry room so much, and why such a short name elicits so much surprise.