Grass Nest

Weather permitting, the Saturday before Easter my dad mowed the plush carpet of green that was thriving as a result of frequent spring showers and gently warming temperatures following the release of winter’s grip. After my dad finished, I gathered up handfuls of the fragrant clippings along with the faintly scented blossoms for my Easter nest and placed my find near the garage where it was safely out of reach from surprise spring showers. I patted and nudged spring’s-sweet-smelling cuttings into a pleasing circular shape, then sprinkled the delicate petals over the verdant grass nest that awaited the prized eggs; for my earnest desire was the Easter Bunny would notice my beautiful arrangement as he made his way through the neighbor’s yards… and not pass me by.

Easter meant new clothes along with all the accessories… pastel and lace dress, brimmed straw hat with a new ribbon, shiny clean white-patent shoes, and the all-important white cotton gloves. I could hardly contain the excitement leading up to Sunday morning as I anticipated the thrill of getting ready for church in an outfit not tired from use. The sheer joy of having something new waiting for me was a highlight of the season, as the drab hues of winter gave way to the bright shades of spring in my “Sunday Best” and I busied myself in preparation for church. The sweet treats, rainbow-hued eggs, and not-yet-worn clothes only served as a reminder of what a special day it truly was…

Easter… the day we celebrate that Jesus is no longer in the grave, but is alive! I am grateful for the many lessons my parents instilled in me, but at the top of the list was their confidence in the reality of God and the forgiveness that was offered on the cross many years ago.

Easter memories abound as I recall again that Jesus lives and my hope is in Him!