Gently nudged by the warm air, an explosion of blooms imparting a delicate perfume, announce the arrival of spring. Trees that have been asleep are roused from their long slumber, and plants hidden safely in the ground throughout the gray wet winter, make a showy appearance as they cautiously slip their heads above the soil. As the ocean tide comes to tickle your toes–hesitant at first, then bold; the ever-so-slightly-warm breeze blows in, delivering the sweet fragrance of a multitude of blooms… momentarily pausing, then retreating; with ever-building confidence, the wind picks up.

Baby-girl pink, snowy white, goldfinch yellow… colors of the rainbow are all around reminding a tired world that new life is here. After the cold gray days of winter in which the deciduous trees seemingly were dead, they now erupt in a colorful display as if to declare “What was dead, is alive!” Such a joyful reminder on this Easter Sunday that our Savior who was dead in the tomb, now lives! While appearing as dead, the hope of life that is present on a deliciously warm, sunny spring day, serves as a continual testimony to the Glory of God.